Thursday, July 29, 2010


'The great escape has happened' ......Well kind of. I have had an Ecidna living under our very low floor boards for a week or so. ( How do I know its a Mr....I don't, the name sounds good ). A Lovely scrapping sound comes with the pleasure of hosting this guest.
After hanging out washing & returning to the back door, I was surprised with what I saw next.... 

So the rescue began...with the removal of bricks & some help of a crowbar, Mr Prickles was close to freedom!

Now the trick to picking them up when you don't have leather gloves is to roll them on their back with the crowbar & have a wheel barrow close by !!!!!!! Leaver them from the back feet gently and quickly gently pick him up from the hind legs and place in they do enjoy a little srcatcth on there feet.....but be careful, some poop.

Now you just find a nice clump of trees not to far away as if Mr is a Mrs she may have some Puggles (Babies) close by...they hide them in hollow logs or leaf matter.....Sounds like very good parenting to me!

Now just tip Prickles out.....yeah......FREEDOM.....Must have been very noisy under our house...!

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  1. lol.... poor Mr Prickles is probably deaf from living under your lot!
    I like the new background too!