Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This little story shows how living a few hours from town doesn't have to be lonely!
Introducing 'TASMA', A beautiful Seal Point Old Style Siamese. I got her from a breeder as a retired breeding queen....She was desexed first so as to protect the breed. I grow up with this breed  and just luv what they bring to the family. At some stage we are thinking of getting a male kitten as all the dogs we get go to snakes. Lyn at Rosemarie Cattery is such a luvly lady who is very dedicated in her field and to her beautiful cats. She has sent her babies all over the world, with much effort spent in protecting this old breed of Siamese.
Now as I said my days are not lonely.....I may have also discovered why I am so disorganized...lets see now!!

What a luvly spot to sun my beautiful coat !

I do have a weight problem and have unsuccessfully been on catty craig!
Now see,  I don't see any reason for doing any filing today!
Now we can both relax!

So now she wants to do the folding...not if I snooze here!
So there you have it , Dogs have Masters and Cats have Servants.
Not to mention, you have cats and then you have Siamese......Any breed or moggy is beautiful....Pets are so great as they never judge....they don't tell you in the morning that you look like Marge Simpson....And always luv you unconditional!
Cheers Nic


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  1. Luv your cat story shes beautiful just luv siamese Sue