Saturday, September 4, 2010


O.M.G, it's a crazy world I live in...I have all intentions on blogging some craft but who doesn't mind a giggle?
was a bit of a secret agent photo...good spy technique!
One morning last week I heard some carry on outside...when I checked, one of our strange chooks was getting very comfortable in the very plush
dogs' bed !!!!! And to my surprise when I checked later........!

Well the job was done. Then poor dog Ginny was found sitting beside her bed given the intruder!
The next day, same time, was met with much commotion when strange chook headed for her new found nesting bed. Much to her dislike Ginny had beaten her to the mark....the squarking when on for half an hour. Think I'd rather the kidlets fighting.....The omelet for dinner was great!
Cheers NIC


  1. Just as well the chook made that much noise or you might have been surprised by the dog's new found talent!