Thursday, June 16, 2011


O.M.G.....One of JBoy Kidlet's friends dropped around.....Friday is friends day. The friend was so excited for JBoy Kidlet to see what was in his backpack....I could see out the window and thought, he must have a fish....Errrr.
Hublet and myself thought that the footy would do the rounds of the front yard for a while as the boys normally do......
                            WHAT THA

JBoy Kidlet was taught how to knit by his Nan.....His friend went home and asked his Nan to teach him as well.....Its great for their motor skills, and its so nice to see the lads sitting quietly on the porch knitting away. JBoy is now fascinated with my crochet....however, being left handed would leave him needing the mirror.  Cheers Nic                                       


  1. Teach Jboy Kidlet to crochet. Just sit him opposite you and get him to treat you as a mirror. Don't let him think in right/left hand thoughts. He moves the hand on the same side as you do. Sorry if I have not explained this well enough.

  2. Thats great, recently when i was in Queensland i taught her daughter and son how to knit it was great having the opportunity, now i get regular pics of their progress.

    My husband always moans he is bored when he is away in motels, travelling for work i keep telling him he should take up a craft hobby.....
    if he had learn't to knit he wouldn't be bored

  3. WOW! Now that's a first. Boys knitting... maybe some nice warm scarves will be on the cards.