Sunday, July 17, 2011


A really nice lady I know, owns my most Favorite place to dine....So while I'm on this Crochet wagon, I made this for her....It has an alligator clip on the back to attach.

Hope she likes it!
I also have  pics to share of some beautiful friends living in our yard (Thanks to the cat cage).

Wow, JBoy Kidlet ditched an apple!!!

Yummy, Olives, Trillion's of them!!!

So nice to see them each day....Can someone tell me the name of these guy's? The lady who lived here, use to feed all to birds....Might be why they sit on a post while I hang the washing. Must add seed to the shopping list.
Schools back, and I'm going to miss them!
Cheers Nic

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  1. ohh i love the pig i have a friend who just adores pig things, she has piggy coffee mugs, stuffed pigs you name

    no sure about the birds they look like some type of parrot

    i found this page maybe it might help,Lorikeets.html