Monday, October 3, 2011


Finally, after years of waiting, pondering, wondering, Procrastinating....We have a Retreat.
This is a space that anyone in the family can escape to for any reason...reading, a cuppa, stitching, sewing, relaxing, music, anything we want. The rules are simple....Keep it tidy, and respect each others space.
What makes this area special is its surroundings....although the decor does not follow any trend, we have filled the space with keepsake items that weren't thrown out in our BIG CHUCK...It is hard to part with special bits, but it has been a very freeing experience....People can get to caught up in the sentementle journey, and start to serve the objects rather then the objects serving us.
So now as I sit and take you on a journey around our room, remember that its not how it looks that is important, but rather how it feels....Cheers
Wedding album, bits and pieces on my late Grandmas low boy.

My M.I.L bid on this lounge at auction for has all new covers, and I luuuv it.
The mat is from Turkey, a gift from my dad and mum.

Such a pretty pattern.

Projects hang well, and great for fat quarters

The smallest cutting area ever and cat door to their outdoor room.

These pictures have been packed up in boxes for years.
The high chair was mine as a bub and holds some old books I want to re-read. The room divider to the left is super handy.

Thanks for hanging around if you got this far, and for sharing our special space.
I have a dear old friend visiting in a week, and I bet we spend some time in here.
PLUS any of my blogger friends and friend are always welcome for a Sit, Stitch and Coffee...!!!


  1. beautiful.........looks lovely..........enjoy

  2. Looks great, what a lovely place to curl up with a cuppa and a good book or friend for a chat

  3. It's brilliant! I love all of it! Especially the louvred windows - all that lovely light for reading and sewing!