Friday, January 27, 2012


Yehaa, I'm back...been a busy little bee. I have been organising a promotional order...And the ARMATREE HOTEL have taken me up on my idea.
I was very excited when the publicans of the Armatree Hotel accepted my offer to design some promotional Key Fobs to sell in the hotel. I have used the standard Key Fob supplies and added the Hotel logo to labels. The white label may also be used on other items.

Two labels were used, targeting male and female customers with different ribbon.
Clipstrips are use to display

I couldn't resist these little kitchen ideas (a gift) to help keep up with their yummy Pizza...!

This place is  AWESOME....The Armatree Hotel is located between Gilgandra and Gulargambone. My first `visit to the Armatree hotel was spent munching on The Yummiest Home Made Pizza, and without any question, the coldest refreshments this side of the Blue Mountains...They also provide accommodation at this truly unique hotel...The hotel was rebuilt in 1929. Over the last few years, the publicans Ash and Lib Walker have done a beautiful job restoring the interior. A new kitchen was built in 2009, now providing the Best Pizza's. Functions are a regular event, and fundraising family days always popular.

If you are ever passing through this's well worth the visit. It really is a beautiful piece of history.
Thank you to Ash and Lib Walker for supporting


  1. wow you are really clever, how did you make the labels?
    the hotel looks great, if we head down your way will definitely have to pop in, DH loves a cold beer

  2. These look fantastic Nic.... well done!