Thursday, September 9, 2010


A quick post today....I want to share a family moment. A few weeks ago, we needed fire wood, but I won't let hubby go it alone, (as my mum had a chain sew go into her arm ). We all headed off, kidlets in toe, and although it wasn't spring yet, the day was beautiful.
I just luv when our kidlets learn something new know matter how's something about the look on their face's....that expression of wonder that brigthens  my heart. A tiny daisy the size of the top of your thumb, but it was the fact that they were paper that had them gobsmacked...picking like crazy...I'm certain we have all done it, but its such fun introducing the kidlets to something new!

They are so pretty don't you think......the bonus is every time I walk past them, I'm reminded of that luvly family time spent together!


  1. not allowed to use the chainsaw here on your own either..........but Fairy Girl has already been out to pick some "snow" as she calls it when we have a mess out in the paddocks............and they keep for ages.........

  2. Beautiful flowers and lovely memories - the special things in life