Sunday, September 26, 2010


A little girl took a liking to a much loved cushion on her mother's bed...My friend had made it for her mum and got it back on her passing, so it is very special, and although she didn't mind her playing with it....It was her birthday in a few days and I had just the thing!!!

I just luv the Minky, it's so soft.....and I also luvvvv ribbon, it was nice to raid my stash....although GKkidlet has been in it...but it's nice to see a ribbon in her hair for school as well...good to see her taking pride in herself.
Have already gathered some cool pictures that will live up to my blogs name.....Thanks for popping by and hope to see you soon with a quilt update and holiday fun pics!!!


  1. Very cute Nic... I bet she was impressed!

  2. Very nice Nic. She will love it and its a great idea