Sunday, September 19, 2010


Wood cutting day again meaning more strange happenings!

How did it know to grow just in that spot!!

Puts a new meaning on tree hugging

So I have been really enjoying taking all these picture on my OLD camera, that I'm just starting to learn how to use.....thanks to a few friends that are very clever...I am liking this picture clicking thing!
We came across the yellow paper daisy. JBoy Kidlet went crazy when he found a field in full bloom of white ones.....while I was hunting for smaller subjects...

And I think that's the last wood cut for the season....It is my most liked part of the winter....I luv the smells, things to see and explore with the kidlets, the only exercise I get all year, and most important is the time we have fun as a family......However GKgirl kidlet went off to her first camp adventure for the week.....I wonder which of my limbs I'll lose first....LOL


  1. hey I know where there is another one like aren't they.............I suppose they survives cause the cattle/sheep couldn't eat them........
    some of ours are off on a school adventure your flowers and hope we don't have to cut anymore wood either

  2. Beautiful picks Nic... and sounds like you had another fun day!

  3. That is amazing how it grew in there! Loving your photography!

  4. Your photographs are really gorgeous - full of spring lovliness!