Thursday, October 14, 2010


Welcome to my creative space, Hosted by . This is my first creative space entry, and I'm hoping to gain some motivation.
Normally my Creative Space, that thing that wobbles on top of my shoulders, has know trouble finding room in it to produce Creative and strange ideas.....for some time now, it has been suffering CLUTTERITIS...!
So here is the plan......

Putting on large selection of 80's music ( tragic but a must ).
Put kidlets bedroom floors in a basket ( THEIR weekend job).
Quick tidy through the human habitat.
Have a yummy launch.
Then the afternoon is miiiiiiiine!
I always tell my Kidlets, that a tidy home makes you feel for something different, I thought I should give it a go......I have a friend that starts a  list to work through.....Somehow I forget to go back to the list ....Oops.....But really truly, I'm not to bad, just get distracted easy!
Have a great weekend Ciber Friends.
P.S I don't iron

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