Sunday, November 28, 2010


Its that dam crazy time of year!!! Harvest flu has hit all our hard working farmers, their wife's & kids.
If you see your hubby for less then 1 hour in 24, your kids are out of sorts, you feel like your going through sleep deprivation like you have a newborn....
Your being ripped apart by your arms....Hubby is arriving home at midnight with red itching legs from wheat stubble allergy and wants nursing....You suddenly notice all the things you find spunky about him because you haven't seen each other for as long as your drained brain permits you to remember...but your both  so sleepy to care for, well, need I say more. 

Your worried about the cleaning and the wheat that is accumulating all over the place with big invitations for rascally little mice...
I think if you are experiencing all of the above and more, then you need my Prescription for Harvest Flue!!
  • When hubby gets home, or when you happen to see him, give him a big hug and tell him how wonderful he is...Your both working very hard for the same cause....and if you have the energy, just sit with each other for 5 minutes and say hi, your both on this journy together and it just a season.
  • I can't stand the mess that arrives this time of year, but its not for long, and its not going to keep your sanity, this is what I do....A quick tidy through, once a day, will allow you to see the small mountain. So as long as the basics are clean, STUFF THE REST. So many arguments can occur from silly little things.
  • Last but not least, make time to sit and enjoy the kids, dog, cat, chock, budgie, whatever.....make time with a friend....see the big picture with a little mole hill....And Laugh


  1. LOL.........yep definitely had it...........and a wonderful friend rang and gave me a boost of friendship and it got me thru the day..........btu now it has rained we ahve all had some more sleep and feeling a little normal again....

  2. I hear you! And when you described the bit about the newborn.... we we actually have one in the house (well... he's 5 months old!)... and Miss 3 and Mr 5.... and harvesting... we are going OUT OF OUR BRAINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for putting me in my place a little.... as I sit here typing cranky messages with Chookyblue about husbands and having too much on our plates. He does work hard for us. And I'm sure if I'm feeling less than appreciated for all that I'm doing this busy time... then he's probably feeling the same way. Hope life returns to "normal"!

  3. Us 'Town Folk' have NO IDEA!!!!
    My French Puppy is $45 + postage, His Girlfriend Fifi has left him for a better offer! Thanks for inquiring, Clare.