Sunday, November 21, 2010


Oh the pain of it all....My dear friend of 22 year's, Thousands of hours together (not lately), A source of a peaceful mind....moments of utter frustration, endless feelings of satisfaction (stay clean now), confidence building, Blah...Blah...Blah.
Yes blogger friends, I am lonesome........My sewing machine carked it. 'SAD A'
But never fear, as all good sewers do....'I fixed the problem'.  But I couldn't 'fix it fix it', given the amount of smoke that was coming out of it.....No I did exactly what should of been done in this devastating moment...I phoned my nearest dealer, pulled out the visa and 'POOOOPH', it was all over,  from the smoke billowing,  to the warranty being signed within an hour, the wonderful Carolyne from 'Hidden Talent' in Orange made it all very painless.


'Sew' how wonderful do I feel to have a machine that dose lots & tons of things just right for my budget...($00.000). Ho well at least I'll be have fun being broke!


  1. I had to lol at e "keep it clean" comment. :)
    I'm also looking to get a new machine. Must sell my current one first, tbough.....


  2. How lovely.... I hope you've been getting acquainted today???

  3. I love your new machine. My first one was a Husquvarna and I would love to get one of their lovely quilting machines now. Have fun getting to know "Emmy".

  4. how did I miss this news......FANTASTIC.......I am loving mine so far.........

  5. Dear CD, My Deepest Sympathy. I am sorry you lost your Dear Friend, but as we know 'Everything has it's Season'. Hopefully, in time, you will learn to love again and Emmy will fill that raw emptiness you feel right now....?? WTF, Your'e already deeply in Love with Emmy? How Fickle of you! Hehehe, I just purchased a new Pfaff, cost more than my first car! My old Pfaff???? "Tossed aside like a piece of old rubbish"

  6. Emmy looks fabulous - hope you are enjoying getting acquainted with her.

  7. ohhhh looks lovely! I love a new machine, so much so I bought 2 last year and must must must sell the first one! I love getting to know my machine and they had changed so much as I was using my mum's 25 year old janome, thread trimmer, threader etc!