Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Its all over... Now its Show & Tell time.
I have a Luuuuuvly friend of 24 years that we spent Xmas day with....and what a crack of a day it was.
Years ago she told me that she hates being called Love by anyone...well I told her was a mistake telling me, as I would say it more then ever....So I figure that she is now use to it as I received THE most delightful gift from her....She made up the pattern  and added her own touch.....I LOVE the colours & the way she has stitched the edges of the lettering...this is the effect she wanted.....Just so clever.

And now it we take pride of place in the unpainted dinning room doorway..lol

I am so greatful. She works in a high pressure job full time, looks after two kids and a luvly hubby, and she must luuuuuve me heaps to find time to make something that now means heaps and tons to me.....Thanks sooo much Floss..."love" xoxoxo


  1. Special pressies like that mean so much.

  2. Welcome Nic to our "MAD" Nundle crew. Look forward to meeting you there. Fee