Wednesday, December 22, 2010


What a week!.....Thank goodness my kids are home. GKkidlet is good at getting me organised.....JJkidlet is good at jobs....He even gave me a bill of $5.20 for ALL the jobs he did....ripped himself off a bit.
So I have only a few pics of what I have managed to sew, as GKkidlet has them wrapped as soon as the threads are trimmed.!
I made three of these for some high school girls for 2011

This is an Apron for my uncle, I also put some Poppy seed dressing with it...It's a Barrista style apron, extra long as he is nice an tall.
So Guys and girls, Happy Parties, Know alcohol operated vechiles, make sure your fridges aren't over stacked (don't want food poisoning)....and soak up the sight of your kidlets and luved one. Cheers with Luv'N'Hugs

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  1. Lovely sewing Nic... I especially love the fabric you used for the glasses case and that apron looks great!