Tuesday, February 8, 2011


My Hublet has always referred to my friends & I as Horn bags (fondly)....But since I left my 30's,  he now calls my dear friend, Floss & I 'OLD BOILERS'....now my other friends are still Horn bags cause they are still in 30 land!.....So that explains Old Boiler.....Please, any nick name ideas are welcome for a very cheeky forty something hublet!!!!

Anyway, Floss has just spent a whole week visiting & playing crafty things...It has been SO much fun, getting around in our moo-moos (ugly house dress) with know sign of hair products or war paint...being uncouth if we desire....recreating yummy lunches we've eaten at coffee shops....taking turns at cooking dinner...and of cause, the most important, Sewing and Craft.
Floss has been supervising Art time at the place she works until a teacher takes over, and has been inspired with their talent...so she came armed with canvas & paint....while Gkkidlet and her played, I got to finish a late gift for her....other projects included, Tie-dying, making cushions, & recreating a Oatmeal cake that we had days earlier at the 2828 Cafe.....Take a peek

'Tree of Life' Floss did
So how cool having a big girly week! Can't wait to do it again.....She is very motivating and even got the kidlets to quiet a bit!!
I also showed her how to do a stitchery, that I didn't get a snap of. It was on her wedding invites.....

The secret to life is
not to have
everything you want
But to want
 everything you


  1. Lots of fun projects! Sounds like you had a great visit. :)

  2. well I briefly met the other old boiler and I don't think that fits the description............glad you girls had a great time together.......

  3. What a lovely bunch of things you made!
    Your little bag turned out great.... I love the fabrics you used and don't think it's too busy at all! The paintings look great too....very clever!

  4. Sounds like a great time was had by all....
    As for the "Old Boiler's nic-name" we have a friend we call Gumby. It so suits a stiring man.
    I also hear their was a BIRTHDAY for a certain someone?
    Hope you had a lovely day xx

  5. I have just popped over from Thimbelina's blog to wish you a "Very Happy Birthday"

    I loved reading your post and seeing your beautiful bag. Just love it.