Saturday, March 5, 2011


Hi blog land, I'm Tasma or sometimes known as the Siame Warrior....So here is the run down.....There has been a death in the pet family.....and I'm the prime suspect!!!......Now, there is another feline that storks the halls. (We don't get on) Well see, I don't like to share my human companions.....I know I'm the ruler of this house and that Lucy (Ginja Ninja) is beneath me....My human mum think we should all be equal and live in harmony....Blah, Blah, Blah.........So, the victim was GKkidlets fish...How could this face be a suspect....Human Mum blames me cause I drink water by scooping it with me paw....Who could blame me for not wanting to wet my whisker's.
Karate Chop
Yeah "What Ever"...I just sleep all day on my favourite bed!
Here is a picture of the Cattery that "Princes Fish Lips" came from....Evident enough, I'd say

And I hope this happens next time....

So there you have it, both side to the story....OMG if we move, they will have to live the moment they have separate parts of the house.....And yes Trac, I have coincided your solution.
P.S  To all bird lovers...these cat are kept in a bird friendly environment   
Cat And Mouse Tail Fishy Kitty 2


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