Monday, March 14, 2011


YES, I know we all get these clogging our in box, but Really Truly, these are funny & if you don't think so, then I must be bonkers.
One of my bestest buddies rang me, and said her family thought she'd lost the plot, as she viewed the pics after a bad day, she cried laughed and giggled.  She said they put a smile back on her dial.....!

I Love this one

He looks like Sloth off Ice Age

OK, so I've got no craft to blog cause we have just purchased a house, and now that my Sew Jo is back, I haven't time to sew. HOWEVER, I'm off to Nundle on the weekend, where I'm bursting my seams to meet lots of other Blogger's. Apparently they gather for a crafty workshop with Anni Downs Hatched and patched
this year. Although, the email loop is making me think that I just may return home TIED!
Well here I go....Look after me Chooky


  1. LOL....whats this tired is exhaustion Nic...LOL....

  2. hey congrats on the house.........yeh exhausted is more the description after GDITC......
    and of course I will look after you..........see you soon........

  3. Tired...nah... LOL
    Looking forward to meeting you!!