Monday, March 28, 2011


What a fab time I had at Nundle...meeting lots of Real Life Bloggers and Anni Downs was just a BUZZ. I luVed the projects & finally learnt how to make a purse...Yippee.
But I found another side to Nundle...I found relaxation Maxi Plus..... I also found the Woolen Mill....Apart from sewing, I also luV to spin....I actually full to sleep at the wheel, it's so relaxing.
Here are some pic's....The wool top looks like a giant fly larva (maggot) gross I know....
This  is my old friend in the storage room, waiting to be dusted off when we move soon!

Gone are the days of brushing the flees and removing prickles...Mum use to have my twin and I carding wool as she spun. Then she would ply it together, then soak it and wash it, then we held it while it was wound it into balls.
This is carded, washed and I picked up a ball maker thingy (don't know the name of it) years ago at spotlight.

I just couldn't leave these mill bobbins behind, I have a few ideas for them.
So there you have few treasures from Nundle....The other treasure was KERRY . This lady is amazing. She is the Relaxation Goddess. Thanks Kerry "I'll Be Back"

PS... They wouldn't let me buy this"Cute as a button snuggle bug...* 


  1. Oh, i find spinning so intriguing! Maybe when you get settled I could buy some hand spun wool from you. ;)

  2. So pleased you had a good time Nic..and Kerry is Miss Daphnie, never....

  3. Can't wait to see what the final outcome with the hand spun wool will be......I agree, the whole Nundle experience is the best therapy ever.....Kerry is a really warm lovely lady.....

  4. It was great to meet you at Nundle. It sounds like you had fun at the Woollen Mill as well. Spinning will be lovely once the weather cools down. My Dad loves spinning, and is still at it aged 92.

  5. glad you had a great time...........