Wednesday, April 6, 2011


On my weekend away at Nundle, I took with me my first quilt 'Town of Plenty' as it is one of Anni Downs designs...She is so sweet, She was kind enough to write on a quilt label for me...Can't show it yet as I haven't popped it on.

Thimbelinas got me into quilting...She popped around one day for show and tell, and through her same quilt over my lounge....That was it, I had to have one because it just belonged on and in my lounge room...I have had the bug ever since.


  1. oh I got to see your quilt in real life and it is Anni's designs.........

  2. It it such an amazing quilt Nic. And to finally get to meet the designer in real life is even better. Hugs Fee

  3. I really loved seeing your quilt in the real.....just lovely rich colours....I've always loved houses, and particularly Anni's version of them all... well done..