Thursday, April 28, 2011


Yuk, Luv, Yuk, Luv. What a mixture of emotions....I'm so in luv with our new/old home, but moving totally SUCKS.
I have much better things on the drawing board, but have to wait :( 
Here are some pic's of a project I did a few weeks back. Do you remember 'Yumyum in a Bubble' that  I posted a while ago....Well she now has a friend. The owner - Tasma, is one my GKkidlets bestie buddies....she has a black belt in Karate, so I couldn't resist Melly & Me new Ninja pattern. Of cause it's name is 'Tasma in a bubble'.....I luv making these cute softies.

A bit of a bo-bo on the badge, but covered it up alright.
Now for something else that keeps me amused....Tasma the cat has been doing a fabulous job with her mouse duties....Although there is know need for the stand over tactics.

When she is finished playing with the mice....she eats I find little 'mouse pants' around the GROSS. It's the price you pay for good help these day's.
OOops, not what I meant...Don't know how that got on the scene....anyone mind?
For those of you that luv wild life and hate cats, we have built a 4mtr x 3mtr cat run for the new/old house. I shall takes some pic's...It's a win, win outcome.


  1. I love your little "Tasma in a bubble".... you did a great job Nic!
    Good to see your Tasma is earning her keep too!

  2. Lovely softie...cute badge on him...well trained cat.....I'm sure you'll survive the move, Nic...Just imagine the end result...

  3. Oh I'm feeling for you Nic... We moved just before Christmas and I just wanted to do other things.... Hope you get settled soon. Glad the mice are getting culled but not is a "pretty" way :( YUK! Hope life settles down soon. xx

  4. Had a giggle at your cat and mouse story. I have heard that a cat gets a buzz or high from eating the top half of it's fuzzy prey. It gives him an incentive to keep hunting.......
    It took us awhile to settle in after moving interstate. Now we are sitting back enjoying our new house, your turn will come very soon.