Wednesday, May 18, 2011


YIPPEE YEEHA I'M LUVIN LIFE SICK.....'WE HAVE MOVED'..... Can you guess we are a bit excited.
It has been two years since we have had the 'We belong here Feeling', and now it's back....somewhere to call 'HOME'.
We must acknowledge Kylie & Daryl Jordison for offering us their empty farm house to stay in, while on our journey home....Thank you.
Our little family are so happy to have a chance to start fresh in a new town, new people.....and its great that we are now close to our dear friends and family.
I have been walking the kids to school & home, plus all the shops are in walking distance....Beats the hour drive.
So we have named our little patch "LAURNA MAY GROVE", after the lady who lived here...(god rest her sole ) We have lots of fruit trees, hence 'Grove'. We have made friends with the daugthers through the sale and I can confidently say, 'They will visit home in the future'.
It pays to have an optimistic outlook on life....We may never found " Laurna May Grove" otherwise.


  1. Nic, I am so happy for all of you...xx

  2. I'm so happy for you and your family. <3

  3. so happy you have your own space..........

  4. So good to have that feeling back. So excited for you.