Monday, May 30, 2011


We are very glad that we built a cat cage.....One reason why is this beautiful Mallee Ring neck....

The girls have settled in well....and given that they HATE each other, you can imagine my surprise...

Then a week later....

OMG...OMG...They seem to be happy if there is no touching.....As you can see, the Siamese still THINKS she dominates......and here is the cage...

3 x 4 metres keeps them happy....They enter through a cat door that is fixed in the window.

I can shut them out if need be, and the old dog kennel came in handy....The project was cheap and now if friend don't fancy cats....I just lock them out. Its amazing how much cleaner they are as well.
Cheer Nic


  1. well you know me and I would always love a mallee ringneck over a a wonderful solution to keep the cats happy..........

  2. What a great idea. Best of both worlds.

  3. The bird is absolutely gorgeous
    it's very lucky you have built the lovely cat area
    and the cats are lucky to have a nice safe area to play

    great idea

  4. Hi Nic...saw your blog sticker on your car the other day, looks great. Wondered where you got it?? Hope you are well xx

  5. What a great idea. Everyone is happy :)