Saturday, October 29, 2011


My twin sister organised a glass making workshop, in my home town. I knew of the glass man, but I had know idea that he lived up the road!!!
One of the girls that came along, I went to school with, we were great mates in high school....but like most school mates, lives tends the move in different paths....Now we have planed a coffee date in Dubbo next week...can wait. She is a very talented artist...she always had beautiful work in art class at school.
So enjoy our workshop pictures...It's amazing the similarities to piecing fabric!

Joe cutting templates.

My template....going for a quilt effect.
Glass scraps kept, just like fabric.
My sister wanted a plate for her dinning table...the painting is a pen and wash our late Grams did...this was her inspiration.

This will be a bowl...shaping is done in second firering.

This will be a plate.

This is the has to be full to fire, costs a ton to run. When the glass heats, it rises...lots of little tricks to creating the effect you want.
Just a few hornbags!!! like the slim version of me on the left of the screen!!! hehe

My finished plate...the shaping is done on a mould in the second fire.
This is for a is in pieces...can you see that it's a croc under the water (glass)

Ned Kelly helmet

A very clever man...I have seen a Pelican that he's wing span was 1metre all up....he was just beautiful...It now sits in a garden ( $3000.00) Ooh!!!
Sorry for the long blog but it was truly a great experience

Cheers Nic



  1. Very cool!! I used to do stained glass, but eventually it fell off the long list of hobbies.
    I've wanted to try out glass fusing, this looks so fun! And cute pic. :)

  2. wow what a great chance to do a different craft......looks fun........

  3. Love all the pics and what you have made. So you know Pam too??? Her Hubby worked with my first Husband. Such a small world isn't it. Also glad someone else doesn't look like their twin :)