Thursday, November 3, 2011


My Jboy Kidlet had his 10th birthday last weekend....Here is a really good way of having a hassle free, mess free, lack of RSVP free, birthday party....And it went off!!!!
So we did a few invites, and I new the majority of the kids would be at the skate park..!!!!
  • 2 Big pkt of 20 pkt chips
  • 1 large bag of lollies
  • 1 esky of 79cent soft drinks
  • 1 birthday cake + extra little cakes
Set up a table at the skate park and HAPPY DAYS!!!!
Fishing bag

Money for scooter bits
J boy scaring mum

The boy's 'Pumping'......It's a foreign language!!!

'Tail whip bar spin'....yeah whatever...he he Wow what an experience having a boy....I feel so alien...But luvin it sick!!!
Happy 10th Birthday JBoy Kidlet xoxoxoxoxoxoxo
Cheer Mum, Dad & Gk Kidlet xoxoxoxo


  1. looks like a great way to spend your 10th Birthday, i have teenage girls and they have a language all of their own.....

  2. What a great way to spend your birthday. Great pressies and I love the cake you've made :) Happy Birthday to your fast growing boy...